Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Master Page and Page Layout ?

According to MOSS 2007 document, master page and page layout are working together as a template to control content pages' look, feel and content. In top site, there is a "Master page and Page Layout Gallery" and you could find lots out-of-box master and page layout (aspx) file there.

But I am frustrating in finding the relationship between master page and the page layout. It's able to create/upload many master pages or create many page layout, but I found all new page layout use default.master as master page and couldn't find a way to associate to other master page.

Does anybody know the answer?


kadnium said...
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kadnium said...

Hey Jim, you can change the master page in
site settings > look and feel > site master page settings

There seems to be three master pages in total. One for the site, one for the list CRUD pages (system master page) and one for application pages (_layouts pages).

You can set the first two but the _layouts one is hardcoded to a master page in _layouts.

I'm gonna to blog on master pages/page layout relationship and how to access the CMS fields soon ...


kadnium said...

look at this too:

The MSDN documentation is coming along ... This is high level ... so u still have to do the hard work and poke around cuz it does not get into specifics. Either that or you can wait for my post :)